works on paper

from private collections (1915-1925)

17.10 - 18.11.2017

Art Gallery Canvas in collaboration with Vladimir Vasic

presents the exhibition of works on paper by Ivan Radovic, created in period 1915-1925.

There are 25 art pieces, all of them are from private collections.

self-portrait with piano

water-color and ink on paper, 36x26 cm

The exhibition of works on paper, drawings and watercolors by Ivan Radović provides an insight into the artist’s early practice, into his artistic and stylistic development, especially during the experimental phase articulated by modulation and synthesis of the form...

Katarina Kostandinovic, from exhibition catalogue text

composition with nudes,

water-colour and ink on paper, 25,5x35,5 cm

...The drawing that the artist has evolved since the early period has become a significant methodological component and a feature of Radović artistic practice, it served as a means to solve certain artistic problems. Radović with the fine and ethereal line, which oscillated in intensity and rapidity, revealed not only a drawing but also a painting sense, in the earlier studies the line was of the same intensity with rhythm and softness of the form (Ćetković 1989, 24)...

Katarina Kostandinovic, from exhibition catalogue text

city, 1921,

pencil on paper, 27,5x27 cm

...Starting from the drawing as a significant methodological component in the experimentation and research of the formal potentials of the painting, Radović belonged to the direction of Serbian artists who sought to free art from local values and narrow national boundaries. In Radović works, up to 1925, there is returning to the internal laws of the painting, moving from cubic efforts, expressionism of the form, then abstraction, realistic portraits and recent landscapes, he rejects that what is an ephemeral coincidence to reach the basic expression of synthesis - the essence and the new meaning of the form...

Katarina Kostandinovic, from exhibition catalogue text