fragments of sixth decade

11 MAy - 8 JUNe 2017

On the occasion of 110 years since the birth of one of the most important painters in the region, Petar Lubarda, Canvas Gallery in collaboration with Vladimir Vasic organizes the exhibition "Lubarda - Fragments of the sixth decade,"

which will be open on Thursday 11 May 2017 at 19h.

The exhibition includes 17 pieces of different formats and techniques, created in the period from 1949 to 1958. Together with art works of small size,  the three capital works - Lake Skadar, The Battle of Vucij Do and Souvenir du Taureau - will be displayed. 

As a special rarity we allocate The Kosovo Battle

performed in technique of the oil and the color of frescos in the plaster.

All the art pieces are from private collections,

some of which have never been shown to the public.

The exhibition will be on display up to 11 June 2017.

Village brajici, 1949

oil on masonite, 39,5x55 cm

They say I have made a breakthrough, a sort of, but I hardly interested in anything outside of my working, im much more interested in what is happening during this process, what is the most hard when I came in here, in my studio. And my studio is my only shelter, my great pastime, my hardship and pastime, here are all my initial and final dreams…

Petar Lubarda

Acin Jovan, Petar Lubarda, series: Portraits. Br.k.: 72/04059, RTS, 1972


oil on masonite, 106x120 cm

It is not only Montenegro that is rocky. But since I have spent much time here and as I was born here it has always been before me... Those lines and formations... You said that I have lately broken off from Montenegro. You know, if you look into what I am doing is still is a wall and a stone. Always in the form of a note... It can never fade away, disregarding the fact that it isn't always the colour of stone but, lets say, on the canvas it is blue, green, fray - but the structure is what is always present…

Petar Lubarda, 1968.

Interview with Djurovic Tanja, Titogradska tribune, 1968. Translation into English D.M. Vuletic, J. Kavaric. Perovic Olga. Petar Lubarda: 1907 - 1974, Podgorica: Galerija Tiodorovic, 2004 (Beograd: Publikum)).


oil and paints for frescoes on plaster, 40x48  cm

Each painting is fighting against another one. Each canvas comes into conflict with another one. There is a constant battle taking place in the painter. If he is not fighting against the world then he is fighting against compromise and his own condition. Yes, that is a bloody battle! 

Petar Lubarda, 1968

Interview with Olga Perovic, Stvaranje br. 4, 1974. Translation into English D.M. Vuletic, J. Kavaric. Perovic Olga. Petar Lubarda: 1907 - 1974, Podgorica: Galerija Tiodorovic, 2004 (Beograd: Publikum)).