radovi na papiru

iz privatnih kolekcija (1915-1925)

17.10 - 18.11.2017

Art lovers, especially those who are in love with abstract expressionism, will have the opportunity to attend the opening of the exhibition "The Sun Rising" by Gordana Tomic, an international career artist, on October 10, 2019, at the Art Gallery Canvas.  


Inspired by happiness, as the artist points out, through "abstract feeling" she finds a parallel with the 17th-century John Donne song,originally called "The Sun Rising" and says: «The question of happiness is an eternal theme and never a banal motive.


With this exhibition, I "unmask" happiness, I find that it is an abstract feeling, it takes only one moment of experiencing it and of meeting with it, and after that it became some thought, another notion and meaning. This abstract feeling of pure happiness is the motive here, and there is technically a large frame on a small format, which is a novelty in my work. Works actually are storyboardsof texture, with a stronggesture, what is indeed my expression, as in my previous works, which are predominantly large formats. Applying gold, I communicate on the frequency of the epoch and the idea of ​​the English philosopher and poet John Donne, who through the Sun as a subject, an "old deceiver", talks about happiness as an illusion, about all the kings of the world and about the princes who seek it, and it is here, in his room , in the lover's bed, just on a micro level, in real."

Gordana's 10-th solo exhibition, The Rising Sun, magnifies light and sun in a certain way, a motive she has dealt with in her previous work through paintings inspired by Japan and the Mediterranean, but now she directly confronts the challenge of new creative expanses and surrenders to the inspiration that leads her through her knowing journey. Along the way, magnificent works were enriched with the play of lines and the blending of subtle gradational tones that vibrate with joy, euphoria, pleasure, bliss… with various forms of happiness, as the paintings and installations are named, belonging to this collection of art works of a high spiritual radiance.

The curator of this exhibition, Alexandra Lazar, says that with The Sun Rising, the artist strives to display the deep and sublime happiness of those moments when she was closer to bliss or joy through a series of pastoral abstractions that evoke a specific place and time through color. She explains: As one American philosopher and cognitive scientist, Daniel Denet, suggests that "lets find something more important than us and dedicate our lives to it", in this context, one must also remember that abstract artist Agnes Martin, when asked to explain her work, she said it was completely associated with happiness: "There are so many people who don't know what they want. And I think in this world, all you have to know is what you want exactly. ... If you do what you were born for ... it's a way to be happy. "

The exhibition will be opened by actress Andrijana Videnovic, speaking the original verses of the poem The Sun Rising, and the opening program will featured by a young harpist, Zeljka Milosevic, who will complete the experience and celebration of the classic theme of the exhibition in a contemporary and sophisticated way with live harps sounds.

The Sun Rising knows exactly what it needs to do. Moreover, the works appear to perform only for you, the viewer. Just like the sun in the poem of the same title by John Donne appeared to rise just so it could appear at the poet’s bedroom, the centre of an intimate universe, itself only a reflection of the poet’s vivid joy, Tomić’s artworks shine its light just for us. They offer us a reflection of ourselves, a cluster of ponderings what lies beyond our own feelings, some paths and passages from one reality to another. Through their rising light we are invited to reabsorb this happiness back into the world, freeing the artist to experience, live and create some future joys.

Alexandra Lazar, curator of the exhibition.

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