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Vojo Stanic, painter and sculpture, was born in 1924 in Podgorica city, in Montenegro. He graduated sculpture in Belgrade Academy of Art in 1951, and from 1955 he acts as a painter. Vojo Stanic is one of the most important alive Montenegro painters and is one of those who experienced global affirmation, what is proved by his appearance on Venice Biennale in 1997, by numerous solo exhibitions in Montenegro and all around the world, and also by his paintings in numerous museums and galleries.  

Paintings of Vojo Stanic merge real and unreal world, with an emphasis on fantasticality. Within it, he merges the traditions of surreal painting on the trail of Magritte and de Chirico, the art of old art masters and the tradition of civic art. With a highly expressed understanding for human weaknesses and with a sharp observation of artist with Mediterranean spirit,  Vojo Stanic paints an ordinary peoples lives and their everyday life stories, which he notices through his attic atelier window in Herceg Novi. In 1985 he became a member of Montenegro Academy of Science and Art, and in 1999 - a member of Dukljan Academy of Science and Art. Vojo Stanic has won numerous awards and accolades.




1960 - Titograd, 13 july painting award of Parlament of Montenegro

1966 - Zagreb, Zagreb city award;

            Titograd, 13 july painting award of Parlament of Montenegro;

            Belgrad, AVNOJ award

1968 - Cetinje, 13.novembar Art Salon award

1970 - Belgrade, Politika's award for painting

1971 - Belgrade, Second award within "NOB in fine artists works” anniversary exhibition

1973 - Herceg Novi, VII winter salon award;

            Cetinje, 13.november Salon first award

1974 - Herceg Novi, October award of Herceg Novi city;

            Cacak, Public award within VIII memorial of Nadezda Petrovic

1976 - Titograd, Award within ULUCG anniversary exhibition 

1978 - Niksic, Niksic art salon first award;

            Niksic, September art salon first award;

            Cetinje, 13.novembar Art Salon first award

1989 - Pozarevac, Memorial of Milena Pavlovic-Barili award

2000 - Podgorica, Povelja and Plaketa of Duklja Science and Art Akademy

2010 - Acquires the status of prominent artist of Montenegro

2011 - Diatreta award of Pljevlja Art gallery Vitomir Srbljanovic  

2014 - Podgorica, 13 july award for Lifetime Achievement





1958 - Belgrade, DJNA Gallery;

            Ljubljana, Modern gallery

1965 - Dubrovnik, Gallery Sponza    

1966 - Herceg Novi, Archiv;

            Titograd, Art gallery;

            Oslo, Gallery Kunstforening

1967 - Dubrovnik, Art gallery

1968 - Oslo, Gallery Kunstforening

1969 - Belgrade, Salon of Modern art museum

1970 - Belgrade, Salon of Modern art museum

1971 - Niksic, House of Culture

1973 - Dubrovnik, Gallery Sebastian;

            Rome, Gallery Julija

1974 - Herceg Novi, Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic

1975 - Novi Sad, Small art salon;

            Cetinje, Gallery in Biljardi;

            Cacak, Art gallery Nadezda Petrovic;

            Rome, Gallery Julia

1976 - Rome, Gallery Julia;

            Dubrovnik, Gallery Sebastian;

            Bolcano, Gallery Grote

1977 - Sombor, Gallery Somborska jesen

1978 - Zagreb, Salon of DJNA;

            Niksic, Salon of Montenegro electrical power stations;

            Sveti Stefan, Gallery Sveti Stefan

1979 - Sveti Stefan, Art Gallery Sveti Stefan;

            Zagreb, Gallery of DJNA

1980 - Berlin, Gallery of Academy of Science DDR

1981 - Belgrade, Gallery of Cultural center

1982 - Titograd, Modern Gallery

1985 - Motovun, salon of Yugoslavian revue and Motovun Group Association House

1986 - Priboj on Lim, Gallery of Labour University  

1987 - Dubrovnik, Modern Gallery

1988 - Belgrade, Gallery of Serbian Science and Art Academy  

1989 - Dubrovnik, Studio 57;

        Titiograd, Josip Broz Tito Gallery of nonaligned country’s art;

            Niksic – Gallery Forum

1991 - Budva, Gallery Santa Marija;

            Herceg Novi, Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic

1992 - Valjevo, Modern gallery

1993 - Valjevo, Modern gallery

1994 - Bar, Art Gallery Velimir A.Lekovic;

            Gornji Milanovac, Gallery of cultural center;

            Podgorica, Montenegro Science and Art Academy;

            Herceg Novi, Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic

1995 - Budapest, National library Hungarian Secenji;

            Herceg Novi, Gallery Spinnaker;

            Budva, Atelier Pavlovic

1996 - Podgorica, Art pavilion;

            Belgrade, Verica D&S art gallerie;

            Herceg Novi, Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic;

            Herceg Novi, Gallery Spinnaker

1997 - Venice, XLVII Venice Biennale;

            Washington, MMF gallery;

            Podgorica, Art pavilion

1998 - Sveti Stefan, Gallery Sveti Stefan;

1999 - Bari, Castello Svevo;

        Podgorica, Montenegro National Theatre;

            Herceg Novi, Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic

2000 - Podgorica, Gayo Galerie;

            Budva, Modern gallery;

            Bari, Art gallery

2001 - Podgorica, Gayo Galerie

2002 - Podgorica, Gayo Galerie;

            Dubrovnik, Trinity Art Gallery;

            Monako, Monako Prince Foundation;

            Moscow, Russian Science Academy

2003 - St. Stevan, Gallery St.Stevan and Gayo Galerie;

2004 - Podgorica, Gayo Galerie;

            Dubrovnik, Trinity Art Gallery;

            Saratoga Springs, Schik Art Gallery

2005 - Moscow, Zurab Cereteli art gallery

2006 - Sveti Stefan, Gallery Art

2007 - Podgorica, Modern gallery;

            London, Alemare Gallery

2008 - Belgrade, RTS gallery

2010 - Podgorica, Gayo Galerie;

            Prague, Gallery Dea Orh

2011 - Rome, Gallery Ulisse

2012 - Beijing, China Millennium Monument - Bejing World Art Museum

        Shanghai - Liu Hais Art Museum

2013 - Podgorica, CANU gallery

            Belgrade, Serbian Science and Art Academy gallery

2014 - Kotor, Montenegro Nautical Museum

2014 - Belgrade, Serbia, Art Gallery Canvas

2015 - Podgorica, Montenegro, Modern gallery.


+ Over 150 collective exhibitions within Montenegro, ex-Yugoslavia and abroad.

Vojo Stanic at Art Gallery Canvas

2014 - 2016

Belgrade, Serbia



Equilibrium exhibition, Art Gallery Canvas

October, 2014 

Belgrade, Serbia



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Retrospective exhibition

March, 2015

Podgorica, Montenegro



Vojo Stanic's house and city

Herceg Novi, Montenegro.



Exhibition catalogues and Monographs

1957 - 2016,

Art Gallery Canvas collection



Museum Ecqusition, Private Collections.



National Museum of Montenegro
Montenegro Contemporary Art Center
Zepter Museum, Serbia
Obradovic collection
Vujosevic collection
Drasko Milicevic collection
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Ivo Andric  at his cabinet
Vojo Stanic paintings on the wall



Lady of Rocks Island, Perast city, Montenegro
Church with Vojo Stanic paintings



Rudi, chimney sweeper of Herceg Novi city, Montenegro
Rudi in real life and on Vojo Stanic paintings



Vojo Stanic about Park
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galerija canvas, otkup slika, igor vasiljev, otkupljujemo slike, petar lubarda, vojo stanic, prodaja slika, galerija slika, otkup umetnickih slika, otkup procena slika, otkup starih slika, otkup i prodaja slika, otkup slika domacih autora, stare slike otkup, otkup slika, milan konjovic, lubarda
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