Vojo Stanic, painter and sculpture, was born in 1924 in Podgorica city, in Montenegro. He graduated sculpture in Belgrade Academy of Art in 1951, and from 1955 he acts as a painter. Vojo Stanic is one of the most important alive Montenegro painters and is one of those who experienced global affirmation, what is proved by his appearance on Venice Biennial in 1997, by numerous solo exhibitions in Montenegro and all around the world, and also by his paintings in numerous museums and galleries.  Paintings of Vojo Stanic merge real and unreal world, with an emphasis on fantasticality. Within it, he merges the traditions of surreal painting on the trail of Magritte and de Chirico, the art of old art masters and the tradition of civic art. With a highly expressed understanding for human weaknesses and with a sharp observation of artist with Mediterranean spirit,  Vojo Stanic paints an ordinary peoples lives and their everyday life stories, which he notices through his attic atelier window in Herceg Novi.

Vojo Stanic has won numerous awards and accolades.

He took part in numerous solo and group exhibition all over the world, Venice Biennial, etc.


Vojo Stanic:

I do not create, I play. My paintings need not be interpreted. I myself do not know their meaning, their purpose and how I conceived them. It makes me laugh when experts try hard to decode them - there are no codes.

I do not believe in paintings that needs explanation, that needs somebody else's help in order to be understood. Painting is the most obvious art, experienced sensorily, and accessible even to a deaf man. Once we have felt, sensed a painting, then we have understood it. There are no other ways of understanding a painting.

The goal is to achieve the happiness. Almost all of us are struggling to reach the happiness. Perhaps, if we could give it up we might be happier.

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