Igor Vasiljev at Art Gallery Canvas.

2014 - 2016

Belgrade, Serbia



Igor Vasiljev (1928 - 1954)


Igor Vasilyev was born 17 May 1928 in Belgrade, in intellectual family of Russian emigrants. In the middle 1948 Igor enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, which he left in 1952 due to discord with the teaching staff. Meantime he was in prison for 13 month, due to political reasons. After leaving the Academy he enrolled at the Art history at the Faculty of Philosophy and organizes solo exhibition in 1953, and so becoming the youngest member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (AFAS).

He died in 1954 . The causes and circumstances of the accident are still a mystery and speculation theme.


Solo exhibitions:

1953 - AFAS, Belgrade, Serbia

1953 - LIKUM Salon, Zagreb, Croatia


Group exhibitions:

1954 - AFAS, Belgrade, Serbia

1965 - Okhrid summer salon, Okhrid, Macedonia


In Memoriam exhibitions:

1955 - AFAS, Belgrade, Serbia

1964 - AFAS, Belgrade, Serbia

1976 - Gallery 73, Belgrade, Serbia

1988 - Modern gallery, Valjevo, Serbia

1993 - Gallery 12+, Belgrade, Serbia

2008 - RTS gallery, Belgrade, Serbia 

2014 - Hexalab gallery, Belgrade, Serbia 

2016 - Art Gallery Canvas, Belgrade, Serbia



Portrait of Igor Vasiljev, exhibition.

April - May 2016, Art Gallery Canvas

Belgrade, Serbia



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Igor Vasiljev, The hanged woman .
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